I’m Julian, a graphic designer with over a decade’s experience in the creative industries. I live and breathe graphic design. I first learned the trade through a three year apprenticeship while learning theoretical design concepts at university, before spending years working for design agencies around the globe. Now, as a freelancer, I’ve worked for the likes of Audi, L’Oreal, Volkswagen, Deutsche Messe and many more. 

Although I now operate as an individual, I regularly work with a team of highly-skilled copy writers, animators and web developers, so that I can take a holistic approach to tackling jobs. 

Does your brand need some love?
There comes a time when your brand doesn’t seem to fit anymore. Perhaps you’re held back by an image that’s now smaller than your growing ambition. Perhaps your core product has changed and you need to speak to an entirely different audience. Or perhaps your branding simply needs to be refreshed – to once again glow in the ever-changing business environment. Whatever your reasoning, I’m here to help.

Ready to launch a new idea or product?
When I work with new brands or products, I treat the process like I’m a founding partner. From the long-term brand direction right down to the smallest detail, your wins are my wins too.
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